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Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends (Incl. Multip...

  • The Root Of All Evil: An epic new single- and multiplayer co-op experience awaits you with Map 3, a vast island featuring multiple long and short diverging routes where you choose and forge your own path.

  • The Monolith Of Perseverance: Climb a mysterious 1000 meters deep chasm in this completely new map 2, armed with either just your pogo stick or abilities in extra modes.

  • Tethered To Your Friends: Tether to friends or strangers in this rubber band co-op for 2-16 players.

  • Loot With Your Friends: Explore randomly generated dungeons for loot and highscores, fight enemies with your pogo stick gun and double jump across lava pits in 1-4 player co-op.

  • Skate With Your Friends: Skate for fun or chain all kinds of tricks into crazy minute-long combos.

Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends (Incl. Multip...

  • maybe WE'RE the monsters... For context, Jack only has had three hours playing the game compared to Bob, Wade, and especially Mark who had played fifty hours of the game.

  • Bob wants to use a tool refill kit on Mark (because he had to use his Shotgun Sentry very early in the game after Bob inadvertently alerted the rest of the sleepers) only to find out that Mark is long gone, killing the sleepers on his own.

  • Mark congratulates the other three for stealth killing the sleepers and is proud at how methodical they are. After they clear the room, Bob calls it "absolutely 'maniacal'" only to note that it's not the word he's looking for. Jack calls him out on it with Mark claiming that Bob should just quote Mark and cite him as his sources in his bibliography. Bob's response:Bob: Oh, I'll put you on my BOBliography.

  • While planning out how to defend the first room, Mark says "wink" a lot only for him to fall and take damage.Mark: Let them know I went down winking, I fell. When they start the security scan sequence, Wade is the last person to get to the circle, with everyone complaining at how slow he is. Wade's response:Wade: I hurt my leg watching Mark fall.

  • Wade starts wondering on how the monsters would have access to the doors when they need keycards for it with Bob claiming that they were wrong to assume that the sleepers wouldn't have access to the keycards and that "disgusting mutated creatures are people too". Then Wade's response is:Wade: Yeah! I'm people too! Bob: Wade, you did this to yourself. Wade: I know, it was supposed to be funny and no one laughed, so now it's just sad. Jack: Yeah, cause you made a mockery of yourself and we don't like that. We're your friends. Wade: (chuckling) Oh, only you guys can make fun of me? Bob: We would never make fun of you okay. We're here to support you; we're here getting your backs and you're just tearing yourself down. Wade: I'm tearing my family apart. Bob: You're tearing yourself apart, Lisa.

  • Mark guesses the number of sleepers in the room upstairs, only for them to get alerted. Wade congratulates Mark for guessing the number correctly and Mark claims that he's been hearing things really well, "in the darkness". And then:Jack: Dude, go outside. Mark: No! Bob: When was the last time you bathed? Wade: Whoa, that's a personal question. Jack: Let your body get its natural oils.

  • Before the alarm sequence, Mark claims that he will go upstairs if the circle goes there. Only to find out that there were no circles going upstairs and that he's been stealing both Jack and Bob's circles.

  • Jack ends up triggering a sleeper in its detection phase and Bob then says that someone made the sleepers mad.Mark: Guess who? Bob: (talking over Mark) Wade? Mark: Ol' Toss Boy (Jack's Steam ID) again. Wade: Wait, why me? After the fight was over, Jack claims that that he was keeping everyone on their toes only for Wade to interject that he got blamed for it. Mark and Jack call him out on it without realizing that Bob was being a Troll, with Mark claiming that Wade's "flapping his gums". Their videos uploaded later had flashbacks where Bob clearly said Wade's name.

  • While backtracking to go to their destination, Bob is happy that someone shared his stream as him, Mark, and a few others are playing only for Jack to wonder if he's a few people while Wade claims that he's still not included. They end up going through a detour as they saw another sleeper glowing with Bob claiming that they didn't see it because of Wade. Wade then starts making noises then says that he's "flapping his gums" only for Mark to tell Wade to get that checked at. Jack then triggers another group again and Wade then goes on a tangent where they can't blame him only for Mark to claim that Wade's "flapping his gums again".Wade: I'm glad all three of you are here, Sean. Jack: Hey, I'm just a few people dude.

  • Mark's plan to defend the room (using the previous door to defend against the enemy waves) turns out to his disadvantage (at first) as he didn't realize that the enemies came to the room from the rooms they came from instead of from the entrance. This leads him to wonder what's going on with the fortified door that they had their sentries at, and he busts the door down only to find a bunch of despawning dead corpses.

  • While discussing about the song Bob was referencing ("The Joker" by Steve Miller Band), everyone ends up discussing about it loudly while Mark starts complaining that he wishes he could hear the sleepers. Bob and Wade then amp up their voices and tells Mark to keep it down while they're discussing about the song.Mark: I miss solo!

  • When they find the objective that they need and start the sequence to escape back to the entrance, Bob commands to take "their juices and let's get out of here!"Wade: Gross, but alright. Mark: You've convinced me.

  • While escaping back to the entrance and the enemies are hitting the door and the in-game voice claims that there's only "five seconds left before the door gives":Wade: Hey, five seconds is longer than I usually last. Good on that door. Jack: Wade, stop belittling yourself. You're leaving no jokes for the rest of us. The bit ends with Wade calling himself a "sprint man" instead of a "marathon man".

  • Happy Wheels In this compilation, he decides to do a ball throw without looking at the screen. "Use the Force" indeed. Mark's increasing frustration trying to clear an absurdly difficult segway level in this compilation of the same game. The video is nine minutes long and his attempts to clear it start around the two minute mark. Once he does finally clear it, he passes out from exhaustion and the end-of-video spiel plays slowed down over a picture of him slumped over in his chair.

  • Playing the Dark Souls level in Happy Wheels, we have his constant rage after constant rage... It has to be seen to make you realise how hilarious it is!Mark: [annoyingly] I spilled my drink! Mark: ''Happys Wheels is supposed to be a happy fun game! Why is it an angry grrr game?!

  • World's 2nd Quietest Let's Play sees Mark returning to whispering through Happy Wheels. Unfortunately for him, his Santa voice does not translate well to whispering, and much Corpsing ensues.

  • In this highlight, Mark gradually gets more frustrated after he keeps on throwing balls into the 'Damn it' slot. It finally culminates with his last ball being thrown into... The 'Jet' slot. Cue him raging mildly.

  • Expect him to accidentally stab himself in the head at least once per sword throw.

  • "My butt is stronger than your 'poon!" "Son, I just wanted to cut your leg off, so you'd be easier to drag away!"

  • "I gave him more ammo with which to abuse you!"

  • "I just pinned ya more firmly to him!"

  • "Now you don't have to worry about being kidnapped, because you're dead."

  • "I know the problem, ample baggage!"(Dumps the kid off the bike) "And now I shall hump you for all of eternity! As this harpoon jackhammers into my butthole."

  • "Oh no, he's secretly a Nazi!"

  • Subnautica During his Subnautica playthrough, he starts to celebrate in his Seamoth as he finishes a harvest of never-before-obtained materials... and then promptly crashes into a boulder, destroying the vehicle.

  • He encounters a Reaper Leviathan, and while gingerly navigating around it he trash-talks it. As if it actually heard him, the Reaper Leviathan proceeds to attack him, destroying his Seamoth (again) and leaving him stranded in its territory.

  • Mark gets attacked by Bonesharks while in a different Seamoth, and tries frantically to dock it into the safety of the Cyclops. However, he keeps ramming it into the wrong part of the Cyclops, ending in another Seamoth's destruction.

  • While scouting out the Aurora, he hears the sounds of something knocking on his newly-built Seamoth. As he wonders what's happening, he gets attacked by a Reaper Leviathan. Unlike his previous encounters, he and the Seamoth eventually make it out in one piece.

  • He frequently lands himself in various predicaments, usually by not bringing enough of food, water, or building materials, and not having the means to conveniently restore them, forcing him to detour or abandon his plans. For instance, he is forced to leave a storage locker half-complete because his Builder tool ran out of power and he didn't have any spare batteries nor had easy access to its materials. He has also forgotten about his oxygen meter a few times, leading to some embarrassing deaths.

  • His Cyclops that he names Big Box Barry is painted a bright yellow, and eventually hosts a number of lockers with the names of various Youtube commenters on it. As he begins to live in his Cyclops more than his stationary bases, a commenter eventually noted that "[Markiplier and his viewers] all live in a Yellow Submarine".

  • While repairing his Cyclops after using it to ram a boneshark, he muses over how bodyslamming can be used to solve a lot of other life problems.

  • After a Warper appears near one of his bases, he chases it off by attempting to ram it with Big Box Barry, unwittingly bumping into the structure in the process. After the Warper leaves, he enters his base, only to find it flooded. He never makes the realization that he caused the damage.

  • After losing another Seamoth to a Reaper ambush, he rushes off in Big Box Barry at full speed, with the system AI giving him warnings about his engine temperatures reaching dangerous levels. The following exchange occurs:Cyclops AI: Warning: Engine overheat. Markiplier: Warning, engine overheat. I'm a little bitch, thinking about how my engine is overheating. We gotta move fast, baby! We gotta get to where we gotta get! Cyclops AI: Warning: Engine heat critical. Markiplier: What are you gonna do, blow up? Cyclops AI: Fire detected!

  • Late in the playthrough, Mark decides to test a rumor about feeding a Reaper Leviathan a Peeper to keep it off your scent. After an uncomfortable close encounter, Mark discovers it works, but for the next minute he only utters "It took the Peeper!" as he scrambles to safety.

  • He establishes a Running Gag of pissing himself whenever his Stillsuit reclaims water, and even interrupts himself, regardless of the situation, to comment on it. At the end of his playthrough, he fills his time capsule with bags of reclaimed water and leaves an associated epitaph.AND HERE LIES MARKIPLIER He came to this rock with nothing but his wits and a full bladder. He leaves the only thing that mattered to him behind: His piss...



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