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The Namesake 4 Download Full Movie ##HOT##

I had the chance to attend the preview screening of The Namesake in Montreal a few days after its soundtrack landed on my proverbial desk. It sounds like a silly thing to say but it really reminded me of how much more a soundtrack can be appreciated when one has seen the movie for which it was assembled. I say it sounds silly because that is the main function of a score and it seems foolish to pretend a score can be fully appreciated without ever having heard it in the context of its film. However, soundtrack labels churn out more CDs than ever before and it becomes impossible for a reviewer to hear all of this music in its proper context. My initial feelings towards The Namesake soundtrack prior to having seen the movie was that, while the score was good, its songs were very eclectic and they took up too much of the album\'s running time. After seeing the movie, the score feels even better and, while I still believe too many songs were crammed onto the album, these songs have begun to mean something and I can appreciate them better.

The Namesake 4 download full movie


And listening to those words, spoken so wistfully by the young Hawaiian, I knew I had my movie. Because with those words Eddie Aikau proved himself to be a real hero. Oh, he proved it in other, more obvious ways. With more than 10 years in the lifeguard tower at Waimea Bay, making over 500 rescues with no loss of life on his watch. And the manner in which he died, paddling against all odds in an attempt to save his stricken Hokulea crewmates. But it was those words of Eddies, never heard by anyone else until this moment, that put the hook into me. Remember what did happen that winter, when Rabbit Bartholomew arrived on the North Shore only to be summarily beaten up and banished by angry Hawaiian locals. How he and Ian Cairns had received death threats; how theyd holed up in their condos, fearful to show their faces. How the entire future of professional surfing hung in the balance. And how just as the crisis teetered out of control, it was Eddie Aikau, as fiercely proud a Hawaiian as has ever ridden a wave, who took matters into his own hands, personally organizing a hooponopono. In Hawaiian custom a hooponopono is a family meeting where both sides air their grievances, express their contrition, and come to a peaceful agreement. This Eddie did for the Aussies, even though stung through and through by their nationalistic braggadocio and in opposition of his own people. Eddie stepped up and was the peacemaker. He cared enough about what he felt was right to take that step. Again he put himself in jeopardy for somebody else.

September 20 La Vie en Rose (France/UK/Czech Republic 2007) 140 min. [IMAGE]This film is also widely known as The Passionate Life of EdithPiaf, which tells the whole tragic story in a nutshell. Still,blurbs must be written and this one emphasizes the brilliance ofMarion Cotillard's performance. Not even Dr Phil could haverelieved Piaf's amazingly unfortunate circumstances, abandoned byher mother and father in turn, surrounded by prostitutes, approachingblindness, reaching the full height of 4'8",overly fond of drink and drugs—and there's more. But it'simportant to rememberthe music that Piaf managed to make, leaping from the sidewalks ofParis to the grand stages of the world, singing her tiny heart outwhile in love with several famous French guys, broken-hearted fromsame, and yet always looking on the bright—or rosy—side.LA VIE EN ROSE is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and downloadsome Edith Piaf.

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