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After inquiring about Bob, Indira suspects the former and starts keeping an eye on him. On other hand, Ustaad has his henchman Dhonu investigate the murders. Dhonu is close to the Biswas family and is on friendly terms with Bob who visits his noodle stand frequently. While visiting Mary's first husband and Mini's father David's grave, Bob remembers that he has hidden a diary containing names of targets killed, who gave the target and money transactions. With that diary, he finds an unknown key. Bob's third target is Indira's boss but Bob does not kill her after meeting Indira who tells Bob that her boss is instrumental in fighting the drug mafia. Jishu Narang and Kharaj Sahu pay a visit to Bob and enquires as to why he did not kill his third target, to that Bob tells he will not continue on the path and if they force him, he will go to Indira Verma with the diary. Jishu Narang and Kharaj Sahu go to Boss who is a deputy of Indira's boss. Bob visits Kali Da to return Nux Vormica and enquire about the key to this Kali then takes Bob to the trunk room deeper inside his shop and points out Bob his trunk. Inside Bob finds a carrier bag full of cash and becomes happy that now Bob and his family can leave happily in Kalimpong.

My Target IAS Full Movie 3gp Download In Hindi



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