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Misaki Love Lesson

Thanks to his older brother's friend and super-famous novelist (and boys love novelist) Akihiko Usami tutoring him, Misaki Takahashi safely became a college student. Misaki moves in to Usami's condominium as a result of his brother's work-related transfer, but as they live together, he realized that his relationship and his feelings towards Usami have been slowly changing. Then one day, moments after the joy of being able to advance to his fourth year in college, another challenge befalls Misaki......!?A heart-throbbing Love Lesson between a super-famous novelist and a college student going through many hardships shows up on anime for a third time!

misaki love lesson


Love Like the Falling Petals stars Kento Nakajima and Honoka Matsumoto as Haruto and Misaki, a couple of 20-something who fall in love only for that love to be as short-lived as the cherry blossoms. Haruto is an aspiring photographer, but his shy attitude and avoidant behavior have him in a rut. The one thing that really brings him joy are his monthly haircuts from the bubbly Misaki. But, when Haruto finally works up the courage to ask Misaki out, she cuts his ear. A meet-cute that leads to a hospital visit quickly becomes a romance that blossoms quickly and seems to be happily ever after.

Don't be scared off by the epic running time of Drive My Car; it may run just shy of three hours, but it flies by like a dream. The director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi has adapted and significantly expanded a 2014 short story by Haruki Murakami, but nothing about it feels belabored or drawn out. There's more going on in any five minutes of Drive My Car than in some movies in their entirety. It's an intricately structured drama about love and loss, and the ways in which art can and can't compensate for some of life's disappointments. I'll be surprised if I see a more absorbing movie this year, or a better one.

It's this scolding that eventually pushes her admit to Hinata (and probably for the first time, clearly, to herself) that she does in fact have feelings for Takumi. Even so, Aoi devolved a crush on Misaki, though he did not confess because he could see she loves Usui. It is also revealed in episode 17 of the anime when Aoi pulls Misaki towards him, indeed proving his hidden affections.

During Episode 24, he manages to convince his aunt to let him dress up as Mimosa to be part of the cosplay event at Maid Latte, but his attempts to show off his costume to the customers are thwarted by both Satsuki and Misaki as they believe he does not have the right to, considering he is not a worker at Maid Latte. He is seen sulking over this when the event is over. Aoi is sensitive to the feelings of love, especially the growing one between Misaki and Usui, becoming frustrated when she keeps denying it. He eventually snaps and forcefully questions Misaki about what Usui is to her, whether she answers him or not is not shown.

In the manga, it is said that Aoi seem to develop feelings for Misa-chan according to the manager of Maid Latte (Chapter 55). She noticed that the designs made for Misaki were all good. She even said that aside from Aoi himself, the first person whom he designed clothes for was Misaki. On Misaki's birthday, Aoi even designed a dress for Misaki as a present. However, he is still annoyed with Misaki and Usui for not having a proper date and still continuing to remain in an undefined state. When he started having a talk with Misaki and realized that he's the first person whom she talked about her relationship with Usui and seeing her make a cute face, he confessed that he takes back saying that he hates Misaki. He also added that he likes Misaki. He told himself that he's happy seeing Misaki in that cute state. So then, he began to acknowledge Misaki as cute and told her to become more lovey-dovey with Usui.

During the voyage to Iscandar in 2199, Yuria Misaki is the youngest crewmember on the Yamato, being 17 years old. She is the Assistant Warrant Officer and switches with Yuki Mori (2199) on radar, and is also seen in the medical wing a few times helping Makoto Harada as a nurse. She is able to see ghosts and spirits as she told Toru Hoshina in the anime, but going more in depth about it with him in the manga. She gets possessed by Yurisha Iscandar during the voyage. Every time Yurisha takes over her body she removes her pigtails. Her love interest is Toru Hoshina and although she seems a bit annoyed with him hanging around her at first, she warms up to him over time. Although in the manga, they're relationship moves much faster, sharing their first kiss already when they leave the Solar System. He always keeps a close eye on her and is always seen by her side to make sure shes alright when she begins to act strange. (being possessed) When Hoshina was shot, the fear of her love dying was enough to push Yurisha out of her body, causing her to return to her normal self.


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